Being the big spoon.

A little bit of supportive pressure on your tummy can go a long way to helping ease pain.

Be it a hot water bottle – mine is named harry (pictured). Comfy, hugging high waist jeans – though only when your stood up in them,woe be tide you if you sit down! But nothing quite compares to being the big spoon.

Curling round that warm bum of someone else pressing in, in just the right place!

Now I am by no means the bigger spoon in our bed. And 5ft 5″ of me trying to curl round 6ft 7″ must look rather amusing, it certainly feels it sometimes! Luckily for me I remember to close the curtains and who cares anyway!

Now this isn’t with out it’s risks, a fart or a fidget can jepodise or completely remove all therapeutic benefits!